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VSR 5.8R Tour rib available for 22.995€ ex vat* - *delivery 01 August 2019

Again you can reserve one of our 6 x VSR 5.8R/70hp ribs used on the Tour Voile 2019, by sending us a request and 3.000€ to reserve the boat for you. These 5.8R's are from 2019 and in perfect condition with low engine hours.
They will be available from 1rs August 2019 on for delivery.
 VSR TV 18Tour Voile

Details of ribs: 

                VSR 5.8R
                Tubes standard alpine blue, Ex Sollies Pont ( VAR - Hyeres ) 
                Grey deck, console                                                          
                Bigger fuel tank ( 88 liters instead of 60)                        
                Black Hobie waterproof hatch on side of the console                     
                Removeable grey rear storage box                               
                1,8m D-strake rubbing profile from the bow            
                Custom small ring on foremost aft of tubes    
                Yamaha F70 AETL, 4 stroke
                Seastar hydraulique steering,
                Xtrem steering cables, AGM battery, connectors,
                Blue marine switch, installation + Yamahe service
                Ribs are from March 2017, Engine hours 200+                         
Promotion sale price:  22.995,00 € ex VAT
To reserve 1 x TFV VSR 5.8R for this special price, we request a down payment of 3.000 € and balance before delivery ex Hyères, South of France.
First come, first serve !

Testimonial from yacht captain !

"We bought our F-10 in 2014 which was back then the latest model from VSR: the F-10 with a overall length of 5,15m
Really a great purchase since we had another rib of 4,20m (300 kgs) and the VSR with 1 meter longer with the same weight !!! Weight would have being a problem in other brands with more than 150kg and our crane being limited to 500kg to get the rib on the back of the flybridge.
The F-10 is very stable and feels like day and night compared to our previous tender.
She goes really smooth through waves without getting anyone wet with it's high bow.
Th 40hp engine is great and economical.
Bottom line: I can only recommend the VSR F-10 as a tender, try it out and you will understand !!!
Thank you to JSD SPORTS France for their professional advice and their after sales service."
Gerard - Capt. M/Y Akissi

VSR 5.8R / 70 HP Yamaha

March 2016 model.

IMG 2893 copie

- In near new condition, return from the Tour France Voile
- Low engine hours, 70 HP Yamaha, Xtreme cables, Seastar hydraulique steering
- Nearly 3 000. Euros of extras (1.8 meter strake rubbing on bow, Waterproof Hobie hatch on console)
- Removeable rear box,  stern D rings for deflated transport tie together,  
- Grey deck, console, box.
- Larger fuel tank 80 liters instead of 60 liters,
- Extra rubber bow protection
Special Price : 22 995. Euros Ex VAT or 27 594. Euros, including VAT
Original cover at  790. Euros, trailer at 1490. Euros ex vat