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VSR 5.8R / 70hp Tour Voile rib for sale

It's the 4th season that we are offering our fleet of VSR 5.8R / 70hp for sale after the Tour Voile 2019.
Boats will be available from 1rst August on for pick up or delivery by sending us 3.000€ down deposit today and become a proud owner of a VSR 5.8R from August on.
 VSR TV 18

6 x VSR 5.8R / 70 hp built in 2019 for sale

VSR 5.8R, tubes standard alpine blue, Ex Solliès-Pont, ( VAR - Hyères )    15.350€ ex vat
                grey deck, console                                                            +                   690€ ex vat
                Bigger fuel tank ( 88 liters instead of 60)                         +                  380€ ex vat
                Black Hobie waterproof hatch on console                      +                    60€ ex vat
                Removeable grey rear storage box                                  +                  480€ ex vat
                1,8 meter D-StrakE rubbing profile on the bow              +                  480€ ex vat
                Custom small ring on foremost aft of tubes                   +                     48€ ex vat
                Yamaha F70 AETL, Seastar hydraulique steering,
                xtreme steering cables, AGM battery, connectors,
                blue marine switch, installation + Yamahe service
                Ribs from March 2017, engine hours 200+                      +             10.900€ ex vat
                Freight participation VSR to Sollies Pont                        +                  795€ ex vat
Total  VSR 5.8R Rib, Engine 70 HP, fully equipped                                         29.135€ ex vat
Promotion sale Price ………………………………..(- 21 % )…………………..  22.995€ ex vat
To reserve 1 Tour Voile VSR 5.8R/70hp rib @ this great savings, send us your deposit of 3.000€ in order to reserve the rib for you and balance before delivery from 1rst August 2019.